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What to Expect

When you arrive at the studio,we'll have an initial discussion about how to best approach your recording session. Typically we will spend this time setting up the instruments that will make up the bands "basic tracks" or rhythm tracks (i.e.) drums, bass, guit, ect.

After the initial tracking is complete, we'll record other tracks including vocals, backing vocals, instrument solos, ect.

Once all the tracks are recorded we'll begin the mixing process. This is really the critical part of building a great song. We'll take all of the song elements and blend them into a final stereo mix. At this point effects are added and relative volumes and equalization are set.

After mixing is complete various processes are used to prepare the recording for manufacturing, This part of the process is called "mastering".This is where final equalization, level correction and final song sequencing is completed

Making the most of your Studio Experience

In preparation for you session, it is highly recommended that you prepare your instruments. You want to ensure that your instruments are in perfect shape. New strings and new drum heads, intonation adjusted on guitars, and double check to make sure that all your cables are in good working order.

You can never be rehearsed enough, by avoiding multiple takes you can save lots of time and money.

Click tracks don't work for everyone, but if possible it can make a big difference, especially when utilizing the new "tick based" editing capabilities.

Even before you start recording, it's a good idea to decide what your recording will be used for such as, a CD release, a demo, or even MP3 files for web publication. This will help with crucial performance decisions during the recording process.

No matter what, ClarkCreative will be right alongside of you to make sure that your recording experience will result in everything you expect it to be - and more

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